3 axis Cnc 

We are able to offer 3 axis routing services from simple profile cutting through to complex double sided and 3d machining.

Our cutting and routing ability spans a vast array of materials each with their own properties and machining methods which we are well placed to manage.

We have the ability to manage both large scale projects whilst being flexible to support smaller bespoke designs and rapid prototyping.


We deliver accurate CNC cut components with very reasonable cutting rates. Our many years of experience combined with a dedicated team & manufacturing facility means we are efficient and accurate at processing sheet materials:


  • MDF

  • Birch Plywood

  • Poplar Plywood

  • Lightweight decorative furniture board

  • Foam

  • Valchromat

  • Poplar Plywood

  • Buffalo Board

  • Stokbord

  • Nylon

  • HDPE

  • PVC and much more